Cat Toy Chaser Balanced Cat Chasing Toy Interactive Kitten Swing Cat Nip Toy

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Made of ecological and healthy material, strong, wear-resistant and safe.
It can be shaken back and forth by a cat push.
An interactive cat ball on top of the toy can attract the cat's attention, increasing the cat's interest in the game.
Built-in cat nip with high content.
It can effectively improve the intelligence of cats while they are learning to play.
It can interact with toys on its own or be accompanied by the owners.
It can be played for multiple cats at once.


 *No power drive, the toy can move by itself while the cat is playing

 *When the product is upright, it can swing back and forth to attract the cat Play can also be promoted by the external force of the cat. It can move by its own weight.

 *When the product is placed horizontally, the toy rotates like a turntable to attract the cat’s interest in playing.

* The top of the product is designed to make cat balls. The theme can drive Shake or rotate back and forth to attract the attention and interest of the cat

 *The product contains a catnip ball inside, the special smell attracts the cat to play, and licking the catnip ball can also help exclude the pet's gastrointestinal hair ball