Automatic Pet Feeder Smart Pet Feeder Schedule Pet Feeder for Dogs &Cats 4L

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  • The new pet feeder is a pet feeder for cats and dogs traveling. Automatic intelligent slow feeder feeder fixed time food pet feeder is a useful supplement to your feeding system.
  • It is the perfect choice for small animals (such as puppies and kittens) that require a small amount of feed on a regular basis.
  • It allows you to feed pets automatically by setting a feeding schedule.
  • The pet feed hopper can hold up to 4 liters of food. We recommend smooth dry food with a maximum diameter of no more than 15 mm. Please note that the paper feeder is not suitable for wet food. There is also a built-in speaker that allows you to record voice messages, which can be played at each mealtime to call your pet.
  • The feeder can also provide power for backup batteries to prevent the danger of power outages.