Automatic Feeder for Dog or Cat +Water Dispenser Fountain

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  * All detachable design Easy to clean

  *  Separable storage bucket,the internal structure can be removed and washed one by one.Safe for the health of pets.

  *The top cover of the feeder can be taken out,convenient supply

  * Environmentally friendly PP resin material

  *Safe and odorless

  *Small body shape Optimized structure,Save space,Great connotation

  *Designed for pets,is more refined and compact than ever, Covering an area of 0.045m⊃2; is smaller than A4 paper,but still stores 3.8L of water / 2.1 kg of pet dry food.

  *2.1Kg pet dry food for small dogs/cats for 10-12 days, medium dogs for 3-5 days


  * Opaque design,Keep it away from light to be fresher

  *Pet dry food needs to be kept away from light and protected from direct sunlight.Food is fresher and pets are healthier

 * Useful for  when you travelling, go out, or on a business trip feel , you'll feel more at ease.


 * Reminders :To make your pets healthier, it is recommended to wash the bowl and change the food/water frequently and to feed your dog regularly in a fixed quantity