1. Make The First Move

Some cats are shy in the beginning and you may need to show your cat that it is ok to come close. While many cats are not shy about showing affection, others seem aloof because they are waiting for you to show affection to them first. 

  • Looming over a cat makes them nervous; it is what predators do just before they attack. Take yourself down to the cat's level and try to come face to face. You can kneel or sit down on the floor or even lay down to show your cat that you are in a friendly play mode. 
  • Always let your cat sniff your hand to get a feel for your scent. Taking in scents helps your cat to fell comfortable. But if he/she leans away don't pet them at that moment. If your kitty rubs against your hand, he/she wants to be petted.

2. Where You Pet Your Cat Matters

Cats don't like to be touched in certain areas and some of these spots are the forehead area, near the eyes, the nose and sometimes the belly. Again you have to read into how your cat reacts when you touch them in certain areas. Some of the best areas to pet your cat are: 

  • cheeks, behind the whiskers
  • the base of your cat’s ears 
  • the base of her tail 
  • the base of your cat’s chin    

 Different cats have different preferences for how to be handled. To show your cat you love them, respect their physical boundaries.


3. Rub Heads With Your Cat 

When you bump heads with your cat, they take it as sign of affection. When cats rub up against you what they are doing is depositing pheromones and marking you with their scent. And for cats scent marking is a way to signify that something or someone is part of their world and they care about it and will guard it.

So when you rub heads with your cat they pick up on your scent as well. When your cat “marks” you, they’re demonstrating a high degree of trust. So Scent-sharing is another way to say “I love you” to your cat.

4. Let Them Sniff And Lick You

Cats like to get to know their environment and the people around them. One of the ways they do this is through sniffing. They like to take in scents from the environment and other creatures. By letting your cat sniff you, you're essentially saying "Ok, let us get to know each other"

Licks are also important—cats can get a lot of information through taste. Have you ever noticed cats licking each other...they are showing each other affection. It is their way of grooming their partner and showing the other cat that they care about them and are willing to take care of them. Same goes for you...if your cat is licking you that means she's showing you she cares about you lots.


5. Give Them Treats

If there are certain behaviors you want your cat to exhibit, you should train them. Training encourages bonding between cats and their people. And you can positively reinforce this training through rewarding them with treats. Giving your cat a treat will boost their emotional state and will show you them that you like how they've been behaving.

Make sure to keep the treat at a lower frequency as you don't want your to become overweight and lazy, which will lead to all sorts of negative health outcomes.

6. Spend Time with Your Cat

Obviously to show any type of affection to your cat you're going to have to be be present. The best way to say “I love you” to your cat is by spending time with them. Your cat will definitely appreciate the basics of life that you are proving for them such as food, shelter, and veterinary care. But it will mean a great deal to them if you spend time with them every single day. Cuddle them, play with them, or nap by their side to let them know you care.


7. Get Your Cat Their Favorite Toy

Your cat may become bored or stressed out while you're not around which will lead to a negative health consequences. By keeping your cat active and healthy you ensure that they stay young and feel their best at all times. When you're not around to play with your cat you can keep them entertained with interactive toys such as the rolling catnip toy from JOYS as pictured above. 

Cats can be great friends and if you treat your cats well show and them as much as affection as you can you can be sure your cat will return the favor.

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